Day 41: Sarria to Portamarin

I have had the best day ever…..

Sarria is the last place one can begin the Camino, so there were lots of new Pilgrims, I met Cathy and Frances at breakfast, and it was so lovely to share some of their enthusiasm. I went out with a new spring to my step…..

Sarria is a really nice town …..

A mix of ancient and modern……

As usual the first part of the journey was up hill with lovely views over the town…..

And lovely colourful homemade signs…..

At a crossroads I met these guys….. lovely, lovely, Irishmen and each one a “gentle” man…..

And we walked and talked together, thus making it the ‘best of days’ it was such fun…… with a variety of both serious and silly conversations…. I do know that I laughed a lot, and felt happy and relaxed, thank you Irish Pilgrims, you gave me the best day ever x……

We puzzled over these strange buildings, some very plain, some extremely ornate, what were they……

Every body had one, well at least all the farms and small holdings did…..

I’ll no longer keep you in suspense… they are used for storing sweet corn 🌽. That’s as much information as I have, I have no idea what the corn is used for or why such a fancy building is needed. Some were so fancy that I thought they might have some sort of religious meaning, in fact some of the fanciest were set in quite humble farmyards…..

We tracked uphill and downhill over some of the most beautiful countryside I have seen on the Camino, of course the sun shining and the lack of need for thermal underwear helped quite a bit, it was a heady summer’s day and one I shall never forget……

There were interesting stream crossings, and boy did I feel safe with my big strong Pilgrims…..

There was a sweet lady selling her homemade cakes a crepes in exchange for a donation……

And then the thrill of reaching the 100 km to Santiago way-marker….

And before I knew it we were in Portamarin which over looks a beautiful reservoir, reminding my fellow travellers of their native Ireland……..

And then it was time to say goodbye, I hope we meet up tomorrow…..

And now I am sitting on the patio of my hotel waiting for Charlie to arrive and drinking cold beer, it just doesn’t get better…

This is the view……

Love Susan x

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11 Responses to Day 41: Sarria to Portamarin

  1. beta44 says:

    Do try to time your arrival in Santiago in time for the Pilgrim mass at 12:00 even if it means over walking the day before and getting a taxi back to your accommodation and then again out to the start point in the morning. The service is very emotional especially for the real pellegrinos like you who have walked the whole way.


  2. Lloyd Derrick says:

    Keep it up Susan. Brilliant


  3. Kent Loy says:



  4. Wonderful milestone!


  5. dognotforget says:

    Enjoy and big hug to both you and Charlie xx


  6. Nell Bailey says:

    Looks amazing, not far to go now …..
    Happy walking . Xx


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