Day 42: Portomarin to Palas de Rei

AS I SET OUT ONE MIDSUMMER MORNING; that title by Laurie Lee has quite often accompanied my thoughts on my first kilometre or so in the mornings, except I shortened it and dropped the midsummer bit. But today the phase was perfect as it really did feel like high summer. Butterfly’s, sunshine, a gentle breeze, flowers everywhere, and everywhere smelt and tasted of the best of days…..

Charlie arrived at Portomarin about 5:30pm last night and we sipped a few beers on the patio overlooking the reservoir, a perfect end to a perfect day….. last evening we met up with Mark, Pat, Mike and Graham, collectively known as the Irish boys, and we had dinner with them, and laughed a lot, and CC and I agreed that it was an evening that would live on with us for a long time yet. Thank you boys, for a most delicious supper and most delightful company…..

We haven’t seen the gang of 4 today, we think they might have been in front of us, but there is no way of knowing….

Charlie swears that the weather can’t possibly have been wintery along my way as my face is tanned, he’s not convinced that it’s wind-burn, but insists that it’s sun-burn……

It was a lovely walk again today, some hills, but not impossible ones and some lovely walks down tracks and leafy lanes……

We came across a part of the forest that had been decimated by fire; it must have been a terrible sight, even the road hadn’t acted as a firebreak and the destruction could be seen fir a very long way…..

And here’s Charlie posing by the burned out forest….

The creatures were all out in force, and Charlie spotted this and many other “lines” of caterpillars trying to cross the road, there was quite a low survival rate and quite a lot of squashed caterpillars …….

I think this is a type of heather, certainly both the foliage and the flowers looked like heather, but they could only be described as heather bushes, or heather trees even ….

Of course everything is extra large here, especially the ants! ……

Neither Charlie nor I ever tired of the views…….

And the little gentian glittered like sapphires by the side of the Way…..very much one of B’s most loved plants……

Lovely Friesian cattle , grazed lazily, and at peace, I hope they are treated with respect and kindness……

Wayside churches…….

Mouth-watering , beautiful lichen on slabs of stone……

B would have told me the name in both Latin and English, but a rose by any other name …… etc……etc….

There is a notice in my hotel room telling me that I must not hang wasting out of the window….. probably,y in case it upsets the cat across the way……

CC and I have had a lovely companionably day, after six weeks there was quite a bit of catching up to do, and still yet more to say…..

Tonight I am extremely tired, so think I might grab a small nap………

Nap over!,

I have decided to go to the Church for the Pilgrim’s blessing, some in Spanish but some in English, maybe I am becoming more religious, I can only say that the service really resonated with me and reminded me why I am doing this. I am walking the Way, and the Way has given me, peace, joy, courage, confidence and love ……

love Susan x

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2 Responses to Day 42: Portomarin to Palas de Rei

  1. Weishi says:

    Dear Susan:

    I am glad to see that you are walking in the sun. Portomarín has amazed me with the reconstruction of the magnificent church. In Palas de Rei, I burst into tear when a Galician gentleman in church palyed his guitar and started to sing. Thanks for letting me know you on the first day of my Camino. Enjoy the special cuisine in Melide and Buen Camino!

    Best regards

    Weishi xx


    • Hi clear water, how lovely to hear from you. I just today showed Charlie the little sun charm you gave me. I feel very blessed to have had you and Tim as my first Pilgrim friends x


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