Day 43: Palas de Rei to Melide. Part 1

Another beautiful summers day, and today was a short stage only 15km through rural countryside and country lanes…..

A9B8D294-AFD3-4148-8687-1FDB5620D3A6Here’s son Charlie, my now fellow Pilgrim, whom, I know, is enjoying the journey. Being half my age, his pace is impressively lively…..


A farewell from the statues at Pals de Rei……..


A beautiful scallop shell marker arrow….


An interesting well cover…..


Charlie, not posing of course…..


The bridge into Melide….

0F3089D3-81B3-4627-A9E9-EA365E77325AAnd the little Church at Melide, which was both open and giving Pilgrim stamps, I lit a candle here for my husband Bernard and one for his sister Eliza who died just seven weeks after Bernard….


Melide is a very modern town, it’s speciality, octopus 🐙 which both Charlie and I decided against, we were both craving salad. Vegetables and salad are not big on the menu here in this part of Spain so it was a treat to have a side salad with our lunch, but why add the tuna to the salad? And why not mention it on the menu……

Once again our two star hotel is really nice, at 30€ a night for a double room with single occupancy, it’s an absolute bargain, our rooms are clean and fresh with a brand new shower rooms and piping hot water…..

My corner room could not be called “a room with a view”….



i have just relabelled my pack for tomorrow and see with almost a sense of horror that I have only three labels left and so only three more walking days. How do I feel about that? Really, really sad…..

Part 2 to follow later this evening…..

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