Da 44: Melide to Arzúa

Another short but taxing 15km day but today I am tired. I didn’t sleep so well last night and was woken by very noisy Pilgrims leaving the hostel at the crack of dawn, shouting to each other and doors slamming….

It was a surprisingly hard walk today, the ups very steeply up, and the downs unforgiving, Charlie much preferred the ups to the downs as the steep downs are so hard on the knees, he has a theory that it helps to step out in the ups, like drinking a nasty medicine as quickly as possible will leave a less nasty taste…..

I think I’ve probably taken today a bit too fast, my shins are now complaining bitterly and are threatening to make me hobble/stagger into Santiago in two days time….

However today, once again, has been magical, a lovely day, from the moment I opened my widow and saw the sunrise…….

We set off a little earlier this morning and were in the road by 8:30……

Passing our first statue of the day…..

Here’s Charlie in his brand new hat admiring the village drinking font and the village laundry…….

Here’s a miniature “Corn on the cob” house, almost every rural house has a full size one of these, some very plain and others very ornate. I don’t know if they are for drying the cobs or just storing them, or indeed both…. and why has everyone got one? Even the humblest of houses can have a well preserved and well maintained one…..

The path today once more went through forests….

And the weather has continued to be fine and sunny…..

This was a magical spot, with sturdy stepping stones to cross the river…..

Of course, there’s always someone willing to pose……

Yup, it’s that Charlie, popularly know as the chap in the blue hat……

A village drinking font with wonderful cold water…..

The pretty hamlet of Font de Prata with its painted houses……

The big feature of today has been the endless kilometres of Eucalyptus trees……

I liked this tree on the out skirts of Arzúa……

My room in Arzúa really does have a view…….

CC and I had a lovely lunch, and then wondered into the square where once again the trees are holding hands….

And there is a a fountain with a statue of a boy and a girl wrestling two bull calves, note the determined looks on the children’s faces….

They make the bread lady look a little tame……..

I am definitely beginning to feel tired, my body is beginning to scream, “enough is enough!”…..

My physical self is definitely ready to rest. Whether my spiritual self has reached that stage, I just don’t know. I still feel that I have a great deal of thinking to do, but I also feel sure that the Way hasn’t quite finished with me yet and will still furnish me with the answers I need….

I have two longish days walking left of this journey. As Charlie’s wife and daughter are meeting him in Santiago and he has missed them both dreadfully, I think he will rush toward the city with a new lease of life, his love for them gladdens my heart and brings back sweet memories….

Love Susan x

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