Day 45: Arzúa to O Pedrouzo

We awoke this morning to fog and with it, cold and damp, after breakfast we set off, I wore an extra layer, sure that it would get hot before the day was out, but not prepared to shiver until that happened…..

The view from my window despite the fog was still perfect…..

We were on the road about 8;30 ish, it was a lovely walk again today, Charlie has a few aches and pains but not enough to make him less than cheerful, which it good, there’s no pleasure in a walking companion (or a life companion for that matter) that moans about his or her lot…..

There are wild flowers everywhere… and it does seem that the seasons have got a little mixed, there are violets by the side of bluebells, daisies, butter cups, king cups….. nature giving its own personal Chelsea……

Even the walls along the Way are brimming with life, how can even the most jaded pilgrim not rejoice at the sight…..

The path once again took in shaded woodlands…..

And dark plantations with light at the end of every tunnel…

And wayside drinking fountains…..

And sad shrines to those who never reached Santiago……

Then a sudden jolt from past to present as we cross a brand new road, cutting through all that beauty, progress at it ugliest…..

Once again, on arrival in the town, Charlie and I settled on fine cuisine, this time pizza, beer and a healthy green salad.

It was so hot that we had to ask for a parasol to shade us. We were so tired and the pizza place was the nearest, after 20 or so kilometres every step counts. Now after such a beautiful sunny day it is raining…….

But yet again I have a room with a view……

And how about this……

Only kidding, it’s a picture in the corridor….. sorry……

And now I have just re-labelled my pack and used the very last label, ready for tomorrow. Last day? It really hasn’t yet sunk in. I can’t begin to imagine how I will feel, will I feel that I am standing at the end, or will I feel that I am standing at the beginning. I’m told that life after the Camino can never be the same, that the Camino changes one….

Am I surprised that I managed to do it? It never for one moment occurred to me that I wouldn’t, I was driven……

The Camino has given me an extra, much needed, dimension to my life, it was something I was meant to do……

I have left something’s behind on the Camino and more importantly I am taking some things with me, the love and companionship of my fellow Pilgrims, that basic human need we all have, to share, our food, our experiences, our love, our compassion……

love Susan x

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