Day 46: Rua to Santiago de Compostela

We were a little latter leaving today and ate eggs a bacon before getting on our way. It was quite cool and foggy when we left, so extra layers were needed, but once again the Way was a delight…

With the usual landmarks and the usual babbling brooks….

I loved this stand of trees just as we left O Pino……

And once more an amazing show provided by Mother Nature…..

We stopped to admire the sculptures at Mount Gonzo, but happened to arrive at the same time as three busloads of Japanese tourists, I can’t think what they thought of us, we were there tourist attraction…..

And from here we could look over the valley toward Santiago……

it was a good 3 or 4 kilometres into Santiago itself, and a hard slog through urban sprawl. I needed one more stamp today in order to fill my Pilgrims passport, we decided to stop at a bar just on the outskirts of Santiago to get the final stamp. I had ordered and paid for the beers before asking for a stamp, only to find that he didn’t have one, luckily a bar just up the street did and I was able to complete my Pilgrims passport…..

Then suddenly we saw what we had been hoping for, the official Santiago de Compostela sign…..

Followed by the city sign….

For some reason best know to himself Charlie thought this sign much more ‘him’…….

And on we went until we reached the cathedral, this is the side view, at the moment the lovely facade is coved in Scaffolding……

And down through the gate which leads to the square…..

And there stood a representation of my family, Eva, Holly, Jan and Trevor (Holly’s parents) complete with a lovely banner welcoming me back from my Pilgrimage…..

How amazing is that?

We had lunch and then I went off to the Camino office to present my Pilgrims passport… after it being scrutinised and answering some questions, I was granted my Compostela, which, because I was walking in Bernard’s memory has his name in it too, which I love…..


I was also given this certificate which shows exactly how many kilometres I have walked (not counting the times got lost……)

It was lovely meeting up with fellow Pilgrims that I have met along the way. There were lots of smiles, hugs and congratulations. The sun was shinning and all seemed very well in the world…..

Now I am in my room, admittedly shedding a few tears and wondering “what now?”

I need sleep and recovery, I need contemplation and peace, I need to step forward into the rest of my life. Taking the good with me and leaving the rest, all the weighty emotional baggage that I have collected during my 70 years behind……

I send you all love, peace, joy, courage, hope, and confidence…..

Love Susan x

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20 Responses to Day 46: Rua to Santiago de Compostela

  1. Lloyd Derrick says:

    Well done an achievement to be proud of.
    Will miss the blog — don’t suppose you fancy walking back and continueing the blog?😇


  2. Chris Holmes says:

    Well done Susan. It has taken a lot of guts to do what you’ve achieved, and on your own. Enjoy the next few days before you come home.

    Love Chris x


  3. Margaret Goddard says:

    Well done Susan! We are so proud of you. Also well done Charlie helping mum to the finishing line and what a welcome from your lovely family.
    “The hardest walk is walking alone, but it also makes you the strongest.
    Susan we hope you have achieved everything you set out to.
    Lots of love can’t wait to see you. Margaret & Spider xxx


  4. Hatty Campbell says:

    Unbelievably PROUD of you Mum! Love you so much xxxxx Hats


  5. Ann Cowling says:

    Many congratulations and very well done I have followed you all the way in spirit even shed a few tears on the way and certainly tonight. Hope to meet up at half term when I an ay Wisbech love Ann xxxx


  6. beta44 says:

    What a magnificent achievement. We will miss your accounts of your adventures. P&Bxx


  7. What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful man. We are so proud of you, Susan, and you can move forward knowing Bernard was with you in your thoughts throughout every km of The Way. And such wonderful support from your family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us – we have felt your pain, your joy, and shed a few tears with you. ‘Congratulations’ seems somehow inadequate, but our thoughts go on with you as you tackle your future rembering your great adventure.
    Now, if you ever decide to revisit Australia, you have our open invitation to catch up again.
    Love, R&E XxX


  8. Linda Nudds says:

    Congratulations in completing your Camino de Santiago Susan. And thank you for sharing.


  9. Jan Cunningham says:

    Enhorabuena, as the Spaniards say. You are a star. What an achievement! I will dearly miss your amazing daily news and the superb fotos. I dare say they will all end up in a book? You can be truly proud of yourself. Hope to visit Barbara and see you soon. Love Jan xx


  10. Weishi says:

    Dear Susan:

    What a great achievement! It seems like yesterday when we drank coffee after crossing the French-Spanish border. After I managed to finish walking the Camino, thanks to you and many other pilgrims, I feel my life is filled with courage and joy. I still miss every single moment on the Camino.

    I am pleased that my little sun charm could accompany you through the whole journey. It is my pleasure to pass the warmth and love of Camino. 🙂

    Get well rested after a long pilgrimage and enjoy the Compostela In Santiago.
    Congratulations again! Susan. Looking forwards to following your spirit on the Camino of life.

    Big hugs and best regards



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