Day 46 + one Santiago

I came here with my husband, Bernard, about 15 years ago. Has it changed? Probably not, but ones memories do tend to be embroider a bit here and erase a bit there.

The cathedral is being cleaned and restored and the front of the building is covered in scaffolding; one can no longer enter via the main door, but by the back door at the side if this magnificent edifice……

I attended the Pilgrims mass at midday, every seat was taken. It was announced no less than five times in both Spanish and English that all phones should be turned off and that no photos, videos or recordings were allowed during the service….. even so when the huge incense burner was swung at least a hundred phones a video cameras were recording the event. I felt ashamed of my fellow pilgrims, were they unable to remember this moment in their hearts? After the long, long walk, when everything was committed to our hearts could not this have also have rested there?

The Pilgrims Mass was the same as most I have attended along the Way, quite easy to follow, absolutely similar to the C of E service, one can just go by the rhythm of the words, the Lord’s Prayer easily recognised just by the order of words, like a universal song.

I quite expected to cry, but didn’t, but did rather take the pilgrims blessing to heart. Go home and continue your Pilgrimage of life, take with you all you have learned along the way…….

Here is Eva and me standing on the spot that marks the finish of the Camino in the middle of the square in front of the Cathedral…..

and here is the alter with St James’ relics behind…..

Poor Charlie is really suffering with blistered feet, and has been forced into what he considers very uncool sandals! I actually took this photo especially for him, it’s called Pilgrim’s feet…..

Tonight we sat in the square and enjoyed a really nice bottle of wine, and could see the moon above the Cathedral….

And last but by no means least, my girls, Holly and Eva at supper tonight……

A perfect end to a perfect day…….

I still have a few more days left here, and am constantly meeting up with Pilgrims that I have met along the Way, which is lovely, I am still holding onto remnants of my life-changing pilgrimage. I really don’t want to go home and be the sad widow, but rather go home and rejoice for the love I had and the love I have to give in the future…..

I realise more and more that I grieve for myself and not for Bernard. Bernard is okay, he has gone home and is at peace, he is a soul set free. When I cry, I cry for myself, for my loss, for my loneliness. For why cry for a soul set free…..

Love Susan x

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