Day 46 + 2

This picture says everything that needs to be said…….

And it is exactly the way I feel, after walking, mile after mile, it’s a unforgettable moment when my whole mind and being no longer belongs to me, I have in each and every step, made a commitment. “Here am I, send me”.

The material world at the moment seems slightly ridiculous, the cars, the clothes, the trinkets, have I changed then? I never was a particularly materialistic person. We only need one bed, car, home, life isn’t about collecting “stuff”, worshipping fashion or following the latest trend or owning the latest technology; losing the person one loves most in the world makes one very, very, aware of these facts….

We, the family and I, have been wandering around Santiago. This morning the weather was very cold and overcast and my thin 3/4 length leggings, topped with every layer not in the wash, complete with open toed sandals was completely inadequate. It was improved when I replaced the sandals with socks and walking boots. In this city where half the people you meet are dressed in similar mode I did not feel one bit out of place, rather the reverse…….

We went off to the city fish, meat and vegetable market, Eva loved looking at all the different fishes and there certainly was an impressive display……

There were lovely little glimpses of city life, like this small garden tucked between the narrow streets…..

The hotel we are staying is reputed to be the oldest hotel in the world. It was originally a monastery where pilgrims were given warmth and shelter, and a place where sick pilgrims could rest and recuperated (or die being loved and cared for – the original hospice). It has four lovely inner courtyards, a chapel, now used for weddings, and endless rooms and numerous stone staircases……

The chapel….

I have four days left in this beautiful city. Not enough time to walk to Finisterre but time enough to catch the bus, it would seem like an appropriate end to this part of my life’s journey……

Love Susan x

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3 Responses to Day 46 + 2

  1. Weishi says:

    One day I should come back to this beautiful city again. Enjoy your stay in Santiago and Galicia. All the best!


    • Hi Weishi – clear water. I am going to try and contact you privately as I would so like to keep in touch. Yes this is a wonderful city, and has earned a big place in my heart. Much Love x x x


      • Weishi says:

        Dear Susan, that will be my pleasure to keep in touch with you. 🙂 enjoy your stay in Santiago. You have no idea how I miss the Camino right now. :p
        Big hugs


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