Day 46 + 3

We spent the morning wandering around Santiago, mainly in the old town. I am still dreadfully tired and slept a total of 12 hours yesterday and last night. Eva is sharing a room with me and seems equally as exhausted, so we have no complaints with each other……

Here are some photos of our roam around the town……

Eva making a new friend in the park…

Eva showing off the blossoms that fall from the trees…..

A huge Eucalyptus tree and a dove coot……

A handsome black swan and an equally handsome brown duck…..

This is the doorway to the old monastery, now the rather swanky Paradore Hotel. Note the carved figures each side of the door: beginning at the bottom we have Adam on the left and Eve on the right, above them various prophets and saints, then the twelve apostles above the arch. Then we have some more saints, and to the left of the window is Jesus of Nazareth and to the right of the window we have Mary, the mother of Jesus…….

God himself used to sit between the two, but for some reason, not specified, the statue of God was removed to make way for the window! Wonder how the person that made that decision got on at the pearly gates?…..

The weather has been pleasantly warm today, but rain is forecast for the rest of our stay here, thankfully all my walking clothes are washed and dried so I will at least keep warm and dry…….

It’s strange for me to be spending time with “couples” Charlie and Holly and Jan and Trevor, Holly’s parents…… this is one of the things I so need to get used to. I so long to turn to B and make a comment or remind him of some little thing we shared together. On the Pilgrimage there was just me, and then strangers becoming friends. A new situation, a new foundation. Without B, I am just half of a whole. Walking, I was whole, it’s terribly difficult to explain and I don’t really understand it myself …….. it’s like having the stabilisers taken off your bike and managing for miles without them, only to feel suddenly wobbly without them once back on solid ground…….

Love Susan x

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2 Responses to Day 46 + 3

  1. Barbara Brown says:

    Enjoying sharing your holiday in Santiago. Lovely photos. In readiness of your return home I have finished the shawl to await your critique. We have rain forecast for the next four days also. We can’t let you have all the fun! Big hugs Barbara


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