Goodbye Santiago……

A few final goodbye photographs…

Looking like A Lowry painting, and one small person with Holly crossing the square….

There were over a thousand pilgrims registering at the Camino office last week, it was a Spanish bank holiday weekend, so many Spaniards took to the Way, making Santiago very busy…..

And now the boots are off…..

They do not smell good but have served me well…..


My friend described herself as being shell-shocked when she arrived home. It’s a perfect description. I live in paradise, the most perfect place, there is beauty all around me, my house is packed with memories. Yet there is nothing for me here. I have a longing to rid myself of all my possessions, just have what I need and no more. All that is important to me is what is in my heart. The people I met along the way, each one with their own tale to tell, each with his or her own thoughts, hopes and fears. Each pilgrim becoming one with nature and with their fellow pilgrims…….

At the airport on Monday morning, one could so easily pick out fellow Pilgrims, walking boots are too heavy to be carried so at least half the plane was suited and booted for walking. The back-packs were there and the walking poles, yet the camaraderie was sadly missing, there wasn’t any pushing and shoving, but there were no smiles, no giving way, no “you go first”……

What happened? Why did we no longer belong to this amazing family of pilgrims? The family that put each other first. Why were we back to the ‘every man for himself’ mentality?

This morning, I walked the dog, the sun was shining although there was a chill in the air….

The grass is lush and we have quite a few (camera shy) lambs….

The Japonica is blossoming……

Cedar meadow is looking glorious…..

The trees on the half moon lawn near the Ha-ha are in full leaf…..

The cherry tree at the Hall is in blossom…

And the cherry tree near The Theatre is just about to blossom, I love this tree it’s flowers begin white then they slowly turn to pink then almost to maroon…..

The Judas tree which is only a few years old is also blossoming profusely. This tree blossoms from its bark, and legend has it that it’s on this tree Judas Iscariot chose to hang himself. It’s said that the tree weeps for Judas’s sorrow……

And here’s a Camino memory, I’m in the middle of nowhere, and I hear music. Naturally I investigate, as I’ve said before, the Camino throws odd things in one way. Why he was there, I don’t know, it seemed to me that he was playing his music just for the love of it. Okay, his wife may have chucked him out……..

Love Susan.

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7 Responses to Home

  1. Chris Holmes says:

    Welcome home Susan. It’s a lovely time of the year with the luscious green leaves and so much blossom. Enjoy your rest while you decide what to do next. There’s always the Great Wall of China!

    I’ve really enjoyed your daily blog. It can’t be easy trying to come back to normality. What is normality?

    Thinking of you often, best wishes and love, Chris X


  2. Weishi says:

    A long and wonderful pilgrimage has come to end. I still enjoy reading your blogs.:) Have a good rest! Susan. All the best.



  3. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your journey with us, and how beautiful your part of paradise looks in spring – it brings back wonderful memories of our visit. As you settle back into your post-pilgrimage life it is good to know that your family is nearby.
    If ever your future brings you again to Australia, please let us know (pleenty of walks here and in New Zealand!). You are in our thoughts. X


  4. beta44 says:

    Welcome home. Very clever of you to find such a beautiful day in Norfolk. Since we got back from Spain we have seen little but cloud and rain. We will miss your daily blog and following your adventures along the Camino. Love, P&B xx


  5. Jan Cunningham says:

    Yes, welcome to your beautiful home. It will take a while to adjust. I find
    It difficult after just 3 weeks away. I too will miss your wonderful blog. Be proud of what you have achieved. As one door closes, another opens, Summer is just around the corner…..we hope. Love Jan xx


    • I always thought that when one door closes another one slams in your face! And this weather does help doesn’t it. Look forward to seeing you the next time you are this way x x x.


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