Home: green on green and maybe a new adventure?

I have just locked doors and closed blinds and am now flopped on my worn but comfortable sofa. The kitchen is a comforting tip, lived in and loved. But as I locked the front door and looked over the meadow toward the oak tree I am struck with just how many greens greet my eyes. Like my kitchen it’s familiar and loved, and like my kitchen, no two days look the same……

I love this place……

We have just planted an avenue of apple trees for Bernard each side of the drive to the cottage, and they are already blossoming. I think apple blossom is the prettiest blossom of all……

I spent this morning at Tapping House, our local hospice. I have found such warmth and friendship there. We are a group of widows and widowers and I realise that our friendship very much echos the Camino, I sincerely believe that we would do anything for each other, just like fellow pilgrims, I feel a great deal of warmth just thinking about these, my very special friends……

My week has been spent drifting from one appointment to the next, teeth – Hygenist, feet, hair, blood test, in short a general MOT, oil change and brake pads anyone?

I am very much missing my walking, yet seem not to have the time to fit in a “good” walk, the dog gets a couple of miles a day but that’s about it…….

But these books arrived this morning, I think I may have a Camino addiction…….

This Camino hugs the northern coast of Spain and overlooks the Bay of Biscay. It’s not as well signed as the Frances but is also less busy in the summer months, how can I resist?

Shall I go? When could I go? When shall I go?

Love Susan x

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2 Responses to Home: green on green and maybe a new adventure?

  1. Weishi says:

    Camino de norte 🙂 Bilbao is there.
    I will visit this region in September.
    All the best!


    • Hi Clear-water, ,I’m going to ask one of my experts (the children) to tell me how to contact you direct. There’s an invitation for you and a Tim here anytime. X x.


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