The miracle of spring, walking in Norfolk and Eva’s first love

Friends have asked me to repeat this quote that I found on the Camino…..

“I want no rites in a darkened room. Why cry for a soul set a free?”

This is the garden my husband gave me for my fiftieth birthday, it’s based on the House of the Vetti brothers in Pompeii. Now twenty years on it’s matured to a point where it’s almost out of control! But looking very splendid for all that….

Please note the stone carving across the front of the pavilion; AMOR VINCIT OMNIA. Love conquers all. This was carved by my husband……

The wisteria has certainly got carried away and will have to be tamed at the end of the year….

Clematis and wisteria on the Theatre. Yes, this really was a theatre. Converted from its original use as the grooms cottage into a theatre by a previous occupant. Apparently the then owner took a particular fancy to a young singer named Clara Dow (1883-1969) who was born in Kings Lynn, he converted the cottage into a theatre where she gave recitals to him and his guests. This was no old man’s fancy as she rose to fame, studied at the Royal College of music, and went on to become a lead soprano…….

The Theatre is now a holiday cottage …….

This week I have cycled to a Holm and walked to Ringstead and back, on the Peddars way, the walk boarders our farm. The walk from Sedgeford begins with walking a little uphill, this but is locally called The Gallops…..

The closer one gets to a Ringstead the more of this wild flower one comes across, it grows profusely in East Anglia, close to the coast, and in other scattered sites. It is often found close ruined castles and abbeys and is not native to England but was introduced from Southern Europe maybe by the returning Crusaders. It was once a valued late-winter green; cooked like spinach with other vegetables and herbs. The flowers were also used in salads. It has a fine pair of names. Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum), Alexanders after Macedonia’s most famous son, Alexander the Great, and Smyrna (Greek for the celebrated spice myrrh) because of the plants aromatic smell…..

And great patches of Cow Parsley and Red Campion…….

Forget-me- nots and nettles

When the flowers so beautiful the Father gave a name

Back came a little blue eyed one, and all alone it came

And said, ” dear Lord, the name thou gravest me, alas I have forgot”

Kindly the Father looked him down and said, “Forget me not”……

I love this big Horse Chestnut tree in Ringstead……

And here’s the beautiful Church at Ringstead…….

And here’s a very tired dog with her very best friend……

For the last two days we have be dealing with a thick sea fret, thick wet fog rolling in from the coast, although we are actually five miles from the sea. Now, today, a bitterly cold wind has blown it all away.

Thought for the day……

If only I could live and so serve the world that after me there should never again be birds in cages. Isaiah Dinesen (pen name Karen Blixen) author 1885 – 1962.

Love Susan x

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7 Responses to The miracle of spring, walking in Norfolk and Eva’s first love

  1. Such beauty nearby and within – and I agree about caged birds; how can people do it!


  2. Jan says:

    Keep on blogging, Susan. I just love reading them.. your Wysteria is so beautiful…my favourite.


  3. Weishi says:

    Dear Susan:

    How wonderful to see that you are enjoying the picturesque countryside in Norfolk. Last weekend, the royal wedding was brocasted on TV in Germany and I was also amazed by German people’s enthusiasm. 🙂
    Last week we had very crazy weather here too and I just cannot wait to be walking in the sun again.
    We are thinking of you!
    Stay warm all the best!

    Clear Water


    • Love to you and a Tim, you guys were one of my best ‘finds’ on the Camino x x.


    • Hi clear-water
      Do keep in touch I think of you both often. I’m longing to do the Camino again, I don’t yet know when. But it is the only thing on my bucket list.
      Please let me know how you are and what your plans are. There is always a welcome and a bed here for you here, and some lovely walks too Susan x


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