Putting my world to rights

Thought for the day;

“If all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world.” Blaine Pascal, philosopher and mathematician. (1623-1662)

I’ve walked a lot since my last blog, and have chalked up quite a few miles, an infected toenail, a couple of blisters and a sprained ankle. How come I can walk 500 miles on the Camino in quite hostile weather and not get any foot problems at all and yet toddling around close to home I am plagued with discomfort?

It’s a simple answer, on the Camino I took care of my feet, duct tape in my heels, gel pads on my toes, and never risking a day without taking these precautions. Once home I decided it was all rather a bother and threw caution to the wind. Sorry feet, it won’t happen again….

Several times I’ve walked north to Ringstead, via the Peddar’s Way, then on to Holm where I joined the North Norfolk Coastal Path to Thornham. To journey back from the coast I walked due south via another track that eventually joins the Peddar’s Way and brings me home. The one remarkable experience is that one day on the way North I passed a perfectly good if unremarkable bungalow; on my return it was reduced to rubble. I was so busy taking this transformation in that I once again twisted my ankle and fell over (although my son, Charlie, insists that once one reaches the magic age of seventy, one does not fall over, one “has a fall”). So, I “had this fall” in front of three burly workman, one called over to ask if I was alright? Of course I wasn’t alright, I actually wanted, but didn’t, cry. I picked myself up dusted myself down, gave a cheery wave and hobbled away…….

The demolished bungalows…..

Now I have to bore you with all the wonderful wild flowers that paved my way….

Poppies on the headland besides the ‘gallops’ very close to my home the start of my walk….

Margareet daisies…….


Wild honeysuckle……

Clover with a beautiful Chalk Blue butterfly……

And an indication that I am close to the coast, Sea Thrift……..

The Coastal Path…..

From here I turn inland through the village of Thornham and on home.

I absolutely love the scent of Broad Bean flowers, I can smell them for a long way off, if perfume could be made from them then I’d be queuing up for it…..

Home again to be greeted by the resident horses at the end of the drive……

Looking back on these photograph brings the hymn ‘for the beauty of the earth’ into my mind…….

And Remember – Even the ugliest truth is still better than the prettiest lie……

Love Susan x x.

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  1. Jonathan S Christie says:

    No dog?


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