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03.12.14. lovely show, lovely people

The show must go on! I write, of course about the Stitching and Knitting show in Harrogate. Four happy (despite the aching feet) very busy days. At home I spend most of my days here in my studio with only … Continue reading

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17.04.14. shooting babies, devoted (grand) motherhood, free project, and another watercolour

Well what a wonderful week, the weather has been a little unpredictable and this summer storm played strange tricks with the light     It’s suddenly high summer here in the valley, the chestnut trees are resplendent with their conical … Continue reading

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09.01.14 An ill-advised competition entry – first catch your sheep, and a new camera

  I have just received my Christmas gift from B – a swanky new camera, so now I have no more excuses for the low-grade photos I’ve been turning out – well, as soon as I do my 3 year … Continue reading

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08.12.13.Snap judgements, observations, artistry, a cure for the wayward bed and the great storm of 2013.

 It’s my eldest son’s birthday today – he’s closer to 50 than 40, confirming the fact that I was definitely a child bride (I’m actually not old enough to be his mother – really, it’s true – I’ve done the … Continue reading

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01.12.13 Time well spent and a new lease of life

1st December – can this be so? where did the other 11 months go? I suppose the first day of each month is a good day to ask oneself if one has used the last month/year wisely. I still look … Continue reading

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29.11.13. An impatient patient, shooting the breeze and a website to view

This is why I don’t do illness, I’m just not very good at it. I’d rather knit, or walk or sew. On Monday I had a minor op and a day in hospital………….. here’s the vision…………… My pale, frail, but hauntingly beautiful … Continue reading

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27.04.13 Old Bones, Old Bags, Inappropriate Dress and Good Friends

Went to the Kings Head for lunch with my friend Margaret (the bravest woman I know) and her lovely husband. Then low and behold my other very, very, good friend Valerie (of bag fame) was there with an American friend. … Continue reading

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25.04.13. Feathers and Hampton Court

  I so enjoyed yesterday, the sun shone and my husband joined me in the garden, he read and I worked on the back of Valerie, my new bag design. We are very self-contained, contented people, extremely happy with our … Continue reading

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22.04.13. Free Patterns, New Bread and Lost Chickens

Monday again (where did last week go?) and I am writing this before taking the dogs for a walk. I decided to tidy my studio first – looking good! I have worked flat-out over the weekend creating and knitting a … Continue reading

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