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Day 40: Triacastela to Sarria

An important day today. Sarria is about 115 km from Santiago, one has to have walked the last 100 km to qualify for a Compostela, so this is the last point that one can begin the Camino, without these 100 … Continue reading

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Day 36: Villafranca del Bierzo to Herrerias

I had such a touching moment this morning when I left my ‘digs’….. But maybe I sound tell you about the really lovely placed I stayed at – and, once more the really lovely people I stayed with, it was … Continue reading

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Day 27: Moratinos to Sahagun

Part one A very short day for me today as there was a bit of a mix-up with my forward booking. But if the truth be known, my body really is extremely weary so a short walk was probably be … Continue reading

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Day 26: Calzada de la Cruze to Moratinos

A sad and tearful day today! No particular reason it just is….. I was sad to leave the hostel and sad to leave it’s owners’ who literally welcome we Pilgrims with open arms, I loved the greenery that flowed from … Continue reading

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Day 12, Los Arcos to Viana

The policemen in the bar this morning (no I’m not really having wine for breakfast is just that’s where breakfast is served) thought it very funny that I was off out walking in the sleet and the snow, they could, … Continue reading

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Day 11, rest day at Los Arcos

First of all thank you Margaret and Jon for explaining those rather weird ball of cobweb like nest on the trees I passed yesterday. They are the nests of Processional Caterpillars, and are highly toxic, the moths of these creatures … Continue reading

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17.04.14. shooting babies, devoted (grand) motherhood, free project, and another watercolour

Well what a wonderful week, the weather has been a little unpredictable and this summer storm played strange tricks with the light     It’s suddenly high summer here in the valley, the chestnut trees are resplendent with their conical … Continue reading

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