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We followed the fortifications until we came to a medieval archway And a real drawbridge that, judging by the pristine chains and mechanisms, is still in working order. I couldn’t stop taking photos; this is something everyone should see – … Continue reading

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Day three

Yesterday was a tough climb, basically the foot hill of the Pyrenees, and this so called “busy” pilgrim route rendered very little company. At one point I spotted (spotted being the word) what I thought maybe a resting pilgrim……. Okay … Continue reading

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2 full days left before I leave

I have been trying to pack, I’ve got the “what I haven’t got I’ll do without” stage. I simply cannot unscrew my walking poles to enable them to fit into my suitcase. I don’t have strong hands despite all the … Continue reading

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Four days to go to my Camino

Four days to go, lots of quite negative thoughts, Am I fit enough? No, to that one, the snow here over the last week put paid to my training plans, which actually took me to the surrounding villages (the ones … Continue reading

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Hi Guys, I’m back, and it’s been an awful long time, and the last year,  the saddest year of my life. Go to for a fuller explanation. knitting? I have another book Very British Toddler Knits due to be … Continue reading

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A second paradise and workshop with friends

We took off for France on the 8th of May, intending to stay at the vineyard for a week – we stayed for a month! No, it wasn’t just a case of watching the vines grow (although we did spend … Continue reading

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A blog at last…………… I’m sorry for the long absence it’s not as if there has been nothing to write about. A vineyard in France, a book being published, workshops a plenty, and what was the other thing? Ah, yes………. Eva … Continue reading

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